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Improving Learning Achievement in Chemistry -Based Local Wisdom Approach through Tri Premana

Improving Learning Achievement in Chemistry -Based Local WisdomApproach through Tri Premana
By : I Gusti Ngurah Mataram================================================== ========
Classroom action research was motivated by the finding that highly abstract material in class X semesters 1, so it needs a high level of understanding of the basic competencies for student achievement . Because the material is abstract and difficult difaktakan , the XH -class students as a superior class that has the ability to be very precise in order to solve these problems so that the learning can be run as a program. Competence is the cognitive, psychomotor and apektif . Specifically this study aims to improve students' learning competencies particularly good at chemistry subjects on cognitive abilities , and psychomotor apektif .This research is a classroom action research qualitative data were analyzed descriptively . The study involved 25 people subject XH class first semester students of SMA Negeri 1 Rendang academic year 2011/2012 . Object of this study is on cognitive competence , apektif , and psychomotor as well as students' response to learning through an approach based on local wisdom Tri Preamana . Classroom action research was conducted in two cycles . Each cycle there are three meetings and one meeting for the implementation and evaluation of data for student responses . Data were collected using a cognitive achievement test in the form of multiple choice questions . Data on aspects of psychomotor apektif and acquired during the learning process or during the discussion / lab , whose judgment assisted by a kind teacher (MGMP) and student responses were collected using a questionnaire . Collected data were then analyzed by descriptive qualitative .The results showed that learning through an approach based on local wisdom Tri Premana showed that the cognitive aspect ( KKM 70 ) there is an increase in learning outcomes of classical completeness 66.80 to 76.00 % in the first cycle , a 77.60 in the second cycle with classical completeness 100.00 % . There is an increase in the aspect apektif students to follow the learning attitude of 11.05 in the category that is good in the first cycle , to 13.04 in the category of very good in the second cycle . On aspects of psychomotor skills also increase students during the learning process , from 10.52 in the category is quite high in the first cycle , a 11.84 in the high category on the second cycle . Similarly, students' opinions toward applied learning students feel happy and high antusiasismenya proved in the first cycle shall be equal to 46.20 ( positive ) , to 61.52 ( very positive ) on the second cycle .
Keywords : Improvement , Learning Achievement , Tri Pramana

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